Service Engineers Billing and Stock Control

The complete solution for Service Engineers Billing and Stock Control – access anywhere from any device mobile or desktop – No printer required

Monthly Fee – Monthly Fee €50 per 5 users – payable 3 months in advance by direct debit.

iService  Once offf setup fee  €499 + vat – this includes the following

  • Configure web site and load the name of your choice as a sub domain on for example
  • From our excel template we will load your listing of Stock Parts and Selling prices
  • From our excel template we will load your listing of Customers and delivery address, delivery address should be tagged to the master account
  • Create an Android App and load to google play with your logo.
  • Add your users to the system
  • Provide an Access database linked your cloud data to allow loading of invoices to Sage or running reports
  • Your business logo will be loaded to the invoice layout

You will need a fixed IP address for your broadband to have a secure connection to the database online. You will also need to provide the POP address details for your email account.  You have the option of having a dedicated service email address which will be checked every 15 mins. If customers lodge a request for service by email they will get an automated response and the ticket will be created for you to update.

Access –  The software has been optimised for all mobile and web formats you can access the system on your mobile, through our app or on your desktop browser and your customers have the option of accessing their support calls via the web.

Support – Support is provided by email and covers the normal operation of iService – Phone support is not covered by your contract and is chargeable at our normal rates.

Changes or Amendments
iService can be amended or customised and new reports can be added to your access database but all such changes will be chargeable. We will provide a quote before changing and payment must be made before the change can be installed.

Backup – We run a nightly backup job on your data and this can be loaded to your dropbox account if required.

Termination of Service
There is no minimum contract – Should you wish to cancel your subscription you will need to provide 1 months’ notice before you next renewal fee. Once your current subscription expires we will remove your sub domain and send you your data by email.

Demo – You can try the system at  login with the Username: test Password: tester Admin Login available on request.

Help / FAQ  – We have a full range of Video’s and FAQ available on pour web site

Product Brochure

Updates to iService


Wehave updated our iService software

Enhancements include

  • Recording a signature against the service job and display on invoice
  • Print or email the invoice to the customer
  • Unable to delete tickets once assigned to a customer
  • New column layout to show customer and billable value and status
  • Improved layout of ticket to show customer details and costs without editing the ticket
  • Removed the requirement to add a comment each time you edit a ticket
  • Improved searching on closed tickets , customers and equipment

For more details please visit our web page

To see the system in action visit and enter the login admin and the password iservice – the database for this test area is restored each week so you can expect your sample entries to disappear next week.

Need some changes ? – we are happy to customise the system call our office to discuss your requirements 051 391338



iService How to guides

iService how to guides logoIf you need help with the iService software please consult some of our iService How to guides in the following links. If you cannot find the answer you are searching for, then contact us at the following link:

List of “How to” guides:

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