SEPA Direct Debit Updated

SEPAWe have released an updated version of our SEPA program. The program is still free for use with up to 10 customers and is integrated to Sage Line 50 2007 to 2015.

To download the software click here

SEPA Software for Sage 2015

We have updated our Sepa Software for Sage 2015sage

You can download a copy of the software from our website. Its free for up to 10 customers

Key Features

  • Free for the first 10 customers you add as a direct debit
  • Compatible with Sage Line 50 V9, V10 , V11 , V12
  • Compatible with Sage Line 50 2007 – 2015
  • Full online setup and instructions
  • Phone and Email Support for registered users
  • Option to amend the direct debit value
  • Posting of payments back into Sage Line 50
  • Detailed Reports

To download our software click here

For more details call us on 051 391338 – or send an Email 

For details help on setting up the system click here


Sepa Delayed

The introduction of SEPA has been delayed for 6 months until the 1st of August.

It would be good if we can have the full version including the business service available , but I dont think the Irish banks will comply.


Michel Barnier holding firm on the deadline of August 1st

SEPA Business Service

IPSO have announced that the SEPA Business Service is available from Dec 1st. This is an important update for businesses as it protects you against the No Questions Asked refund which your customers can currently invoke under the CORE scheme.

The real questions is why the Irish banks did not roll out the B2B service which would have protected Irish businesses from this issue when starting the SEPA rollout.

This is a temporary fix and the updated SEPA will be rolled out by Jan 2016.

For more information please visit this link

NQA SEPA Direct Debits

SEPA NQA‘No Questions Asked’ refund applies to authorised debits for eight weeks after the debit date and up to 13 months for unauthorised debits. Claims for ‘No Questions Asked’ refunds must be honoured by the creditor.”

This clause in the new regulation from Feb 2014 –seems to allow the customer to revoke the direct debit up to 2 months after it has been processed. Part of the reason for moving to direct debit was to ensure timely payment!. In the event of a receiver been appointed to a business they would immediately run a NQA for the previous 8 weeks.

Isnt this a retrograde step !