Sage V18 – Vat Errors

There is an issue with the SDO software for Sage Line 50 which causes the Vat figure to be incorrectly calculated on invoices imported through addon software.

While Sage have released a fix for the UK this fix does not download in the service packs for Ireland

We are awaiting an update on this from Sage and will then release the integration when this has been tested

Posting Invoices into Sage Line 50 from an Access Database

Sage Line 50 allows direct read/write access to many of the tables in Sage through the Sage Data Objects. To use this you will need to have the file sd0engxx0.tlb where xx is the sage version number.

2 keys issues I have had in loading data into sage

1. Ensure the values passed to Sage are not null, convert your values to strings where appropriate
2. The values passed to Sage are not longer than the field width

Sounds obvious but I missed both of these in earlier program versions.

The following Sample shows an invoice been posted from an access table to Sage.

Function fncCreateInvoices(ByVal tmpDate As Date)

On Error GoTo Error_Handler

'i use the date passed to filter the invoice table from MASC
If Not IsDate(tmpDate) Then
    MsgBox "Please enter a valid date"
    Exit Function
End If

DoCmd.Hourglass True

' Declare Objects
Dim oSDO As SageDataObject120.SDOEngine
Dim oWS As SageDataObject120.Workspace
Dim oInvoicePost As SageDataObject120.InvoicePost
Dim oInvoiceItem As SageDataObject120.InvoiceItem
Dim oSalesRecord As SageDataObject120.SalesRecord
Dim oStockRecord As SageDataObject120.StockRecord
Dim oSalesDeliveryRecord As SageDataObject120.SalesDeliveryRecord

Dim db As Database
Dim rstSource As Recordset, rstTrans As Recordset, strAccount
Dim tmpTranCust, tmpUseON As Boolean, tmpTranDD As String, tmpUseCPO As Boolean

Set db = CurrentDb

' Declare Variables
Dim strDataPath As String
Dim bFlag As Boolean
Dim iCtr As Integer

'sage initialise
' Create the SDO Engine Object
Set oSDO = New SageDataObject120.SDOEngine

' Create the Workspace
Set oWS = oSDO.Workspaces.Add("Example")

'Check that the selected invoices have a customer record See older posts for Actdate
Set rstSource = db.OpenRecordset("select * from QryCheckInvDates where tDate<=#" & ActDate(tmpDate) & "#")
Application.Echo True, "Checking Customers"
If rstSource.RecordCount > 0 Then
  If MsgBox("Some customer records are missing in sage, print a listing ?", vbYesNo) = vbYes Then
      DoCmd.OpenReport "rptMissingCustomers", acViewPreview
      GoTo Exit_Function
      MsgBox "Add the new customers to proceed"
      GoTo Exit_Function
  End If
End If
Application.Echo True, "Checking for Invoices to Add"
' create export code
Set rstSource = db.OpenRecordset("select * from qryInvoicestoExport where Value>0 and tDate<=#" & ActDate(tmpDate) & "# ORDER by Ref ASC")
If rstSource.RecordCount = 0 Then
      MsgBox "Nothing to process"
      GoTo Exit_Function
End If

Application.Echo True, "Checking for Sage Preferences to Add"

If ChkPrefs = False Then
    GoTo Exit_Function
End If

' Connect to Data Files
oWS.Connect "Line50 Directory","Login Name","Login Password", "Example"

Application.Echo True, "Connected to Sage"

'loop the record source
Do While Not rstSource.EOF

' Create an instance of InvoicePost & Record object's
 Set oSalesRecord = oWS.CreateObject("SalesRecord")
 Set oInvoicePost = oWS.CreateObject("InvoicePost")
 Set oStockRecord = oWS.CreateObject("StockRecord")

 ' Set the type of invoice for the next available number
 oInvoicePost.Type = sdoLedgerInvoice

 'get the transactions
 Set rstTrans = db.OpenRecordset("Select * from qryTrans Where hInvoiceno=" & rstSource!REF)
 If rstTrans.RecordCount = 0 Then
   MsgBox "No Transactions for invoice " & rstSource!REF
   GoTo loop_routine
 End If

 Application.Echo True, "Processing Invoice " & rstSource!REF

 ' Use the invoice number assigned from masc
 oInvoicePost.Header("Invoice_Number") = rstSource!REF

 ' Loop for Number of Items on the Invoice
       iCtr = 0
       tmpTranCust = ""
       Do While Not rstTrans.EOF

           Set oInvoiceItem = oInvoicePost.Items.Add()
         iCtr = iCtr + 1

         ' Initialise Index Field with value to search
         oStockRecord("Stock_CODE") = CStr(rstTrans!HprodC)
         If oSalesRecord.Find(False) Then
           oInvoiceItem("Stock_Code") = CStr(oStockRecord("Stock_Code"))
           oInvoiceItem("Description") = nullCstr(rstTrans!HInvText)
           oInvoiceItem("Comment_1") = nullCstr(rstTrans!HInvText)
           oInvoiceItem("Nominal_Code") = CStr(oStockRecord("Nominal_Code"))
           oInvoiceItem("Tax_Code") = CInt(Right(rstTrans!HVatRate, 1))
           oInvoiceItem("Stock_Code") = CStr(rstTrans!HprodC)
           oInvoiceItem("Description") = nullCstr(rstTrans!HInvText)
           oInvoiceItem("Comment_1") = nullCstr(rstTrans!HInvText)
           oInvoiceItem("Nominal_Code") = CStr(GetPref("Default Sales Nominal"))
           oInvoiceItem("Tax_Code") = CInt(Right(rstTrans!HVatRate, 1))
         End If

         ' Populate other fields required for Invoice Item
         oInvoiceItem("Qty_Order") = CDbl(rstTrans!HQty)
         oInvoiceItem("Unit_Price") = CDbl(rstTrans!HPrice)
         oInvoiceItem("Net_Amount") = CDbl(rstTrans!HLineValue)
         oInvoiceItem("Tax_Amount") = CDbl(rstTrans!HVatVal)
         oInvoiceItem("Comment_2") = CStr("Date:" & Format(rstTrans!HDATE, "dd/mm/yy"))
         oInvoiceItem("Unit_Of_Sale") = CStr("")
         oInvoiceItem("Full_Net_Amount") = CDbl(rstTrans!HVatVal + rstTrans!HLineValue)
         oInvoiceItem("Tax_Rate") = CDbl(rstTrans!VT_Rate)
         tmpTranCust = rstTrans!HCustCode
         tmpTranDD = nullCstr(rstTrans!HSuppref)
      Loop ' on trans

 ' Populate Invoice Header Information
 oInvoicePost.Header("Invoice_Date") = CDate(rstSource!TDate)
 oInvoicePost.Header("Notes_1") = CStr("")
 oInvoicePost.Header("Notes_2") = CStr("")
 oInvoicePost.Header("Notes_3") = CStr("")
 oInvoicePost.Header("Taken_By") = CStr("")
 oInvoicePost.Header("Order_Number") = IIf(tmpUseON, Left(CStr(tmpTranDD), 7), "")
 oInvoicePost.Header("Cust_Order_Number") = IIf(tmpUseCPO, Left(CStr(tmpTranDD), 7), "")
 oInvoicePost.Header("Payment_Ref") = CStr("")
 oInvoicePost.Header("Global_Nom_Code") = CStr("")
 oInvoicePost.Header("Global_Details") = CStr("")
 oInvoicePost.Header("Invoice_Type_Code") = CByte(sdoProductInvoice)
 oInvoicePost.Header("Items_Net") = CDbl(rstSource!InvNet)
 oInvoicePost.Header("Items_Tax") = CDbl(rstSource!InvVat)

 ' Read the first customer
 strAccount = CStr(rstSource!ID)
 strAccount = strAccount & String(8 - Len(strAccount), 32)
 oSalesRecord("Account_Ref") = strAccount

 bFlag = oSalesRecord.Find(False) '("ACCOUNT_REF", strAccount)
 If bFlag Then
 oInvoicePost.Header("Account_Ref") = CStr(rstSource!ID) 'oSalesRecord("Account_Ref"))
 oInvoicePost.Header("Name") = CStr(oSalesRecord("Name"))
 oInvoicePost.Header("Address_1") = CStr(oSalesRecord("Address_1"))
 oInvoicePost.Header("Address_2") = CStr(oSalesRecord("Address_2"))
 oInvoicePost.Header("Address_3") = CStr(oSalesRecord("Address_3"))
 oInvoicePost.Header("Address_4") = CStr(oSalesRecord("Address_4"))
 oInvoicePost.Header("Address_5") = CStr(oSalesRecord("Address_5"))
 Set oSalesDeliveryRecord = oWS.CreateObject("SalesDeliveryRecord")
 Dim bEnd
 bEnd = False
 If Not IsNull(tmpTranCust) Or Len(tmpTranCust) <> 0 Then
       If oSalesDeliveryRecord("DESCRIPTION") = tmpTranCust Then
         bEnd = True
         oInvoicePost.Header("DELIVERY_NAME") = CStr(oSalesDeliveryRecord("NAME"))
         oInvoicePost.Header("Del_Address_1") = CStr(oSalesDeliveryRecord("Address_1"))
         oInvoicePost.Header("Del_Address_2") = CStr(oSalesDeliveryRecord("Address_2"))
         oInvoicePost.Header("Del_Address_3") = CStr(oSalesDeliveryRecord("Address_3"))
         oInvoicePost.Header("Del_Address_4") = CStr(oSalesDeliveryRecord("Address_4"))
         oInvoicePost.Header("Del_Address_5") = CStr(oSalesDeliveryRecord("Address_5"))
         oInvoicePost.Header("Cust_Tel_Number") = CStr(oSalesDeliveryRecord("Telephone"))
         oInvoicePost.Header("Contact_Name") = CStr(oSalesDeliveryRecord("Contact_Name"))
       End If
   Loop Until (bEnd Or Not oSalesDeliveryRecord.MoveNext)

End If
End If
 ' Update the Invoice
 bFlag = oInvoicePost.Update
 If bFlag Then
   Application.Echo True, "Invoice Created Successfully :" & rstSource!REF
   db.Execute ("Update tblbillings set ar_PRocessed=-1 where ref=" & rstSource!REF)
   Application.Echo True, "Invoice Not Created"
 End If


Set oSalesRecord = Nothing
Set oInvoicePost = Nothing
Set oInvoiceItem = Nothing
Set oSalesDeliveryRecord = Nothing

Loop ' on rstsource


' Disconnect and Destroy Objects
Set oSDO = Nothing
Set oWS = Nothing
Set db = Nothing
Set rstSource = Nothing
Set rstTrans = Nothing

DoCmd.Hourglass False

Exit Function
' Error Handling Code
Call SageError(oSDO.LastError.Code, oSDO.LastError.Text, Err.Number, Err.Description, "Sage Invoice Export")

DoCmd.Hourglass False
Resume Exit_Function

End Function

Sage 3rd Party Activation

To activate the third party products in Sage Line 50 you may be required to enter the Sage 3rd Party Activation Serial number and activation key. The following screen shows how to enter this number