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Sage 2013

Sage 2013Our Program have now been updated to work with Sage 2013.

If you need to upgrade please contact our office to ensure you have the correct program versions

051 391338


Sage Line 50 ODBC Hotfix

sage line 50 odbc

If you use Sage Line 50 ODBC Connection there is an issue with version 18

You can download a hotfix for this issue from the Sage Web site


Vat Rate Change

If you are selling goods at 21% you will need to make the following changes to charge vat at 23% from 1st of January.

Please follow these steps to update your system for Vat at 23%.

This update is intended for customers using Sage. This should be updated after your last sync for the current week. As you will not want to send the new code down until after the 1st January.

Once you start making the changes to products and the price matrix these changes will be loaded to the handheld the next time you sync , so the timing is important as you don’t want these new changes downloaded until the Monday sales cycle.

For Intact Customers please ensure you have run the utility from Intact to update your vat settings


1. Ensure you have a valid nominal code in MASC for vat. This code is used for analysis and is not used to update Sage or any other packages. – Click here for a demonstration

2. Add a new code to MASC for the vat code, please ensure you have the same code available in Sage and have updated the rate. Click here for a demonstration

3. Change the Vat rate on the Products table – Click here for a demonstration

4. Change the vat code in the price matrix – Click here for a demonstration , ensure you select the correct vat rate

5. You will also need to change your vat analysis codes for your EDI, When you have sent your last EDI files for December please change the vat setting. Click System, Program Preferences and select the Vat tab – change the “21 Vat ” code to be the correct vat code.

If you have a large number of products we can connect to your PC and change you vat codes, before you call please have step 1 and 2 completed and advise us what the old code and the new code should be.

If you have priced dockets you will need a handheld upgrade to ensure the vat analysis is correct on a priced docket.

If you have any question please call our office 051 391338


Sage V18 – Vat Errors

There is an issue with the SDO software for Sage Line 50 which causes the Vat figure to be incorrectly calculated on invoices imported through addon software.

While Sage have released a fix for the UK this fix does not download in the service packs for Ireland

We are awaiting an update on this from Sage and will then release the integration when this has been tested

Sage 2011 integration for MASC and Wrap

We have updated our programs to support Sage 2011 version 17

Please call us before you upgrade to ensure you have the correct software version

MASC for Sage 2011

MASC for Sage 2011

Support for MASC 2011 version 17 has been released today. If you intend upgrading your Sage version please contact support before your upgrade to implement the MASC Changes you will require.

Where is my Sage data stored?

When integrating to Sage you will need to establish where on your computer your sage data is stored

This demo will show you how to get this information