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SEPA Software for Sage 2015

We have updated our Sepa Software for Sage 2015 You can download a copy of the software from our website. Its free for up to 10 customers Key Features Free for the first 10 customers you add as a direct debit Compatible with Sage Line 50 V9, V10 , V11 , V12 Compatible with Sage […]

Janam XT1 Android

The Janam XT1 Android – Rugged Mini-Tablet delivers all the technological advancements found in consumer devices with the mission-critical key features that enterprises require in a rugged tablet. As the industry’s lightest and most powerful mini-tablet, the XT1 delivers superior performance without sacrificing usability. In addition to Android™ 4.2 operating system and a brilliant 5.9” […]

Zebra iMZ320 Reset

To factory reset a Zebra iMX320 you will need to link the printer to your pc and use the zebra printer tools to send the reset command to the printer ^XA^JUF^XZ^XA^JUN^XZ^XA^JUS^XZ For full details please view this link https://km.zebra.com/kb/index?page=content&id=SO8407&actp=LIST      

Creating Sales Dockets on your Phone

This video demonstrates a user creating a sales docket or  sales order on a Samsung Note mobile phone, recording the customer signature and printing the docket.  The user also takes a payment for the transaction and prints a receipt for the customer.  The dockets are stored on the mobile until the user clicks the sync button which […]

Opticon H21 Hard Reset

Opticon H21 Hard Reset First remove the back lid and the battery and return the lock that keeps the lid in place back in the position as if the back lid would be on. Then keep both the POWER + Capture + End keys pressed while inserting the battery. Power key = the red key […]

Janam XT85 Reset

Soft and Hard Reset instruction for Janam Xt85 Caution – A cold Boot or Hard reset will erase all data   Full usergiude for Xt85 can be downloaded from here www.handheld.ie/dl/janamxt85.pdf

ZED Quickbooks Export

We have updated MASC to work with the export utility for Quickbooks from ZED. The ZED utility simplifies the process of importing files into Quickbooks and fixes the VAT issue associated with the IIF file method. We still support the IIF file method for older Quickbooks implementations with ZED is the recommended utility for the […]

Windows Mobile 6.5 Configuration

The configuration for Windows Mobile 6.5 is a little different to the WM 6 Once you have installed the MASC Programs you will need to adjust the display to show the launcher Download a PDF version from here http://www.handheld.ie/dl/WM6.5_Configuration.pdf Click on the windows icon in the bottom left   Click on the Setting icon   […]

OKI Printer Settings

We don’t sell many OKI ML280 printers now , but when we do we need to lookup the settings to change the paper default length. We will add it here again to make it easier for the future