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Customer Accounts in Detail

The Accounts tab located at the top of the customer maintenance screen will display the customer account details.      The Account Balance is displayed at the bottom right of this screen. Invoices, Credit Nos and Customer Payments can be processed from this screen   “<>0” Button This function will display all outstanding items with a balance not […]

Deleting a Partnership

Once a device is assigned a name and synced with Actice Sync you will not be able to change the name of the device without first deleting the existing partnership. 1. From the Active sync screen , click on file , mobile device and then select the device name to delete 2. Select File , […]

Creating a Partnership

If ActiveSync 3.8 does not start automatically after reboot, start it by clicking Start, then clicking All Programs, and finally clicking Microsoft ActiveSync in the programs list. Turn on the Unitech device. At the Get Connected screen, plug your device into the computer. ActiveSync will automatically detect the device and move on to the New […]

Unitech Wireless Sync

Configuring the Unitech Device for Wireless Sync Click on the install Handheld Shortcut on the desktop On the handheld click on My Computer and open the folder called MASC Click on the file setup.ARM and press enter Click Ok to the next prompt Click and hold the MASC Icon (Green Circle) and select Copy Close […]

Unitech – Bluetooth Configuration

Setting up the handheld for bluetooth printer 1. Choose Start programs Bluetooth, BT Power, Select ON and OK 2. Choose start, Settings, Control panel 3. Choose Bluetooth device properties 4. Choose scan device 5. The Printer will appear in the list 6. Tap the printer and Choose TRUSTED, you will be prompted to authenticate the device. 7. Select YES 8. For Exetech printers […]

Recurring Charges

From the menu bar, select Sales>>Recurring Charges. The Recurring Charges screen is displayed.         This section allows you to add monthly/weekly or periodic charges to your monthly invoices. To use this feature you must first set-up the charge and then on a monthly/weekly basis, add the charges using the Sales>> Add recurring charges Use the down […]

Unitech Warm / Cold Boot

Via Hardware: To perform a warm boot while the PA970 is operating, insert the end of an unfolded paperclip into the reset hole on the back of the terminal, right below the SD Card compartment cover.   Via Software: Under the Windows folder of your terminal, locate the file BootMode.exe, execute the program, and confirm […]