Unitech Wireless Sync

Configuring the Unitech Device for Wireless Sync

  1. Click on the install Handheld Shortcut on the desktop
  2. On the handheld click on My Computer and open the folder called MASC
  3. Click on the file setup.ARM and press enter
  4. Click Ok to the next prompt
  5. Click and hold the MASC Icon (Green Circle) and select Copy
  6. Close the windows using the X in the top right corner
  7. In an empty space on the handheld Press and hold then select Paste Shortcut
  8. Open My Computer , then Program files , then Extended Systems Click and hold OBC and select copy
  9. Click X to Close the Screen
  10. In an empty space on the handheld Press and hold then select Paste Shortcut
  11. Click Start ,Program ,Utilities then click on  RFPowerON
  12. Click on RF Wireless Card Power ON
  13. Click Ok
  14. The network Screen should open and display the available networks
  15. Un Click the Notify when new Networks available
  16. Click on the network you require and click connect
  17. The security screen is displayed – the configuration here will depend on your location and security setting please check with your network administrator
  18. Click Ok to Close
  19. Click and open the Shortcut to OBC select Settings then click the server button
  20. Server Name or IP address to connect , enter your ip number from your network administrator
  21. Click OK
  22. Click OK
  23. Then Click Connect
  24. Then enter Your username and password this is your route number ie 010, 015 etc not your handheld name. The Route number is used for both username and password
  25. On the first sync you will be asked for your username and password , the username will be populated with the route number above make this empty and press OK


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