Unitech – Bluetooth Configuration

Setting up the handheld for bluetooth printer

1. Choose Start programs Bluetooth, BT Power, Select ON and OK
2. Choose start, Settings, Control panel
3. Choose Bluetooth device properties
4. Choose scan device
5. The Printer will appear in the list
6. Tap the printer and Choose TRUSTED, you will be prompted to authenticate the device.
7. Select YES
8. For Exetech printers the code is “1” for Star devices the code is “1234”
9. Tap printer again and tick ACTIVE
10. TAP OK to close window.
11. Choose Start , Programs, Bluetooth, BT Printer
12. A printer dialogue window might open if it does not there will be a black icon at the bottom of the window, tap it and it will open to a dialogue box.
13. Choose INQUIRY
14. The printer will appear in the list
15. Tap the printer and click OK

The biggest problem is if BT power turns off.  You need to turn it on again. This happens if the Handheld power drops below a min level or a warm restart is done.

User Issues

Error Code 2404
This sounds like the BT printer is already active, try a warm boot through utilities boot mode warm restart. Then turn BT power on through Start, Programs, Bluetooth, BT power then turn on BT printer and deregister the existing printer and user inquiry to find the printer again.


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