Handheld program for Van Sales systems

Price Comparison

We have a new module to our Van Sales System to allow for price checking.

When visiting your stores your sales staff can scan competitors products and enter the price. this allows you to gather your won intelligence by store and area to review your marketing strategy.

You can maintain a list of product which is sent to the handheld and allows the user to ensure they have scanned the correct product. If the user scans a barcode that is not on your master list they can still record the price and send this data back to base.

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Customer Maintenance

  • From the main menu select Sales>> Customer Maintenance, or
  • Click the customer maintenance icon from the shortcut toolbar. The following screen will be displayed.
  • The Customer Maintenance screen is split into seven different tabs, Customer, AccountsMemoTransactionsContactsOrder and HH Message .

Below is a explanation of the fields found in the customer record. Read more

MASC for Sage 2011

MASC for Sage 2011

Support for MASC 2011 version 17 has been released today. If you intend upgrading your Sage version please contact support before your upgrade to implement the MASC Changes you will require.

Where is my Sage data stored?

When integrating to Sage you will need to establish where on your computer your sage data is stored

This demo will show you how to get this information

Checking the MASC Install

When you have installed MASC on a new PC you should check the installation before you start using the system to ensure you have installed all the required modules

Click here for  a demo

Cancel an Invoice

In MASC you can cancel an invoice before it has been posted to Sage , Intact or your accounting system.

We have recorded the screen actions for this operation

Please click here to view the demo

Upgrading your EDI System

If you need to add a proof of delivery number to your Tesco invoices you may need to upgrade your  system.

This demo will walk you through the process

User Rights

In MASC you cannot view the sales profitability reports or margin analysis if you are not setup with level 10 security

Click here to change the security rights for your users