Customer Maintenance

  • From the main menu select Sales>> Customer Maintenance, or
  • Click the customer maintenance icon from the shortcut toolbar. The following screen will be displayed.
  • The Customer Maintenance screen is split into seven different tabs, Customer, AccountsMemoTransactionsContactsOrder and HH Message .

Below is a explanation of the fields found in the customer record.


Field Name  Description or Actions
Account no Select the Customer’s account number eg EMS01
Account Balance This field will hold the customer’s account balance
Company Enter Customer’s Company name
Address Enter Customer’s address details , the system allows 5 address lines to be entered
Phone Enter the customers phone number where possible to allow for accounts follow up.
Email This is the email address of the customer. This facility will allow you to email invoices and letters in the future and save on the cost of postage and paper handling.
Currency The currency for the customer invoice
Store No. The store number received the goods can be printed on the dockets.  This is required by some central billing customers.
EAN Barcode is required for EDI
Active Tick if the customer is active, billings will only be permitted to active customers
Frequency The billing frequency group to which the customer belongs
Type The customer type grouping
Route Code The route for the customer
Print Priced Document Tick this box if you wish to print priced document
Account Open Tick this box to ensure the customer account is active 
Invoice Transactions Tick this box to produce invoices for transactions
Delivery Invoice Tick this box if it is a delivery address only
Master Account Code This field will be enabled if the delivery invoice is ticked and all transactions added to this customer will be billed to the master account.
Delivery Agent Select the appropriate delivery agent code if you have an agent allocated to make deliveries to this customer.
Route Select the appropriate route
Name The area within the route which the customer should be placed
Sequence The sequence within the Area
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