Handheld program for Van Sales systems

License Code

You will be issued with a username and password which will allow you to logon


When you have pressed Login the following screen will be displayed

You should enter your Company Name and Serial number which are displayed on you masc registration screen

Enter your email address, then selct MASC V6 from the list and click on the button “Request License Code” an email will be sent with your license code and the following code will be displayed.


Sales Analysis for MASC

This addon program for MASC allows customers to view the sales Quantities or values by week , month quarter and year compared to the same time period last year.  When you have installed the program you will have to relink to your mascdata. The demonstartion below shows how to populate the fields and demonstrates the reports.

Please leave you questions in the comments section – to download click here and run the program once the file has downloaded


MASC Delivery Dockets

We added a new feature to MASC to allow for faster docket entry

To enter manual delivery dockets select Sales, Docket Entry. The screen below will loop through the selection and entry process. The main points of the screen are detailed.

  • To start select a route and the customers for that route will be displayed
  • The customer details are displayed when your press next or double click on the customer code
  • Products in the price matrix are show on the docket
  • The user must enter a docket number and date before the docket can be posted
  • The user has the option to post a payment for this docket
  • Only line with an Quantity entered in the Qty column will be posted
  • The user can add additional items to the docket using the dropdown product list
  • The delivery docket entry history for the session is stored for your reference


Customer Accounts in Detail

The Accounts tab located at the top of the customer maintenance screen will display the customer account details. 



  • The Account Balance is displayed at the bottom right of this screen.
  • InvoicesCredit Nos and Customer Payments can be processed from this screen


“<>0” Button

This function will display all outstanding items with a balance not equal to Zero .

“Show All”  Button

This function will display all items on the customer .


Customer Sales Stats

Clicking this button will display the following screen



This screen shows the summary of the sales transactions for the selected customer for a given Date period. The date can be changed to the period required. Each of the columns can be sorted by double clicking on the column heading.




Unitech – Calibration

If the Touch screen is not responding you will need to recalibrate the screen.

The following section from the unitech manual lists the common function key settings

Deleting a Partnership

Once a device is assigned a name and synced with Actice Sync you will not be able to change the name of the device without first deleting the existing partnership.

1. From the Active sync screen , click on file , mobile device and then select the device name to delete

2. Select File , delete Partnership and Select Yes to the message that is displayed


Creating a Partnership

  1. If ActiveSync 3.8 does not start automatically after reboot, start it by clicking Start, then clicking All Programs, and finally clicking Microsoft ActiveSync in the programs list.
  2. Turn on the Unitech device.
  3. At the Get Connected screen, plug your device into the computer. ActiveSync will automatically detect the device and move on to the New Partnership wizard as shown below
  4. On the Setup a Partnership screen, select the first option -“Yes”.
  5. If this is the first time you have used the activesync the following screen will be displayed. You should select No to allow you to sync more than 1 handheld with the computer.
  6. If the handheld has been synced with a different PC in the Past you will this screen displayed and you must select one of the partnerships to delete

  7. The next screen allows you to select which of the products to sync with the handheld. As the device is used for sales only you dont want any of these options ticked.
  8. The partnership is now complete and you can install MASC onto the device


Unitech Wireless Sync

Configuring the Unitech Device for Wireless Sync

  1. Click on the install Handheld Shortcut on the desktop
  2. On the handheld click on My Computer and open the folder called MASC
  3. Click on the file setup.ARM and press enter
  4. Click Ok to the next prompt
  5. Click and hold the MASC Icon (Green Circle) and select Copy
  6. Close the windows using the X in the top right corner
  7. In an empty space on the handheld Press and hold then select Paste Shortcut
  8. Open My Computer , then Program files , then Extended Systems Click and hold OBC and select copy
  9. Click X to Close the Screen
  10. In an empty space on the handheld Press and hold then select Paste Shortcut
  11. Click Start ,Program ,Utilities then click on  RFPowerON
  12. Click on RF Wireless Card Power ON
  13. Click Ok
  14. The network Screen should open and display the available networks
  15. Un Click the Notify when new Networks available
  16. Click on the network you require and click connect
  17. The security screen is displayed – the configuration here will depend on your location and security setting please check with your network administrator
  18. Click Ok to Close
  19. Click and open the Shortcut to OBC select Settings then click the server button
  20. Server Name or IP address to connect , enter your ip number from your network administrator
  21. Click OK
  22. Click OK
  23. Then Click Connect
  24. Then enter Your username and password this is your route number ie 010, 015 etc not your handheld name. The Route number is used for both username and password
  25. On the first sync you will be asked for your username and password , the username will be populated with the route number above make this empty and press OK


Unitech – Bluetooth Configuration

Setting up the handheld for bluetooth printer

1. Choose Start programs Bluetooth, BT Power, Select ON and OK
2. Choose start, Settings, Control panel
3. Choose Bluetooth device properties
4. Choose scan device
5. The Printer will appear in the list
6. Tap the printer and Choose TRUSTED, you will be prompted to authenticate the device.
7. Select YES
8. For Exetech printers the code is “1” for Star devices the code is “1234”
9. Tap printer again and tick ACTIVE
10. TAP OK to close window.
11. Choose Start , Programs, Bluetooth, BT Printer
12. A printer dialogue window might open if it does not there will be a black icon at the bottom of the window, tap it and it will open to a dialogue box.
13. Choose INQUIRY
14. The printer will appear in the list
15. Tap the printer and click OK

The biggest problem is if BT power turns off.  You need to turn it on again. This happens if the Handheld power drops below a min level or a warm restart is done.

User Issues

Error Code 2404
This sounds like the BT printer is already active, try a warm boot through utilities boot mode warm restart. Then turn BT power on through Start, Programs, Bluetooth, BT power then turn on BT printer and deregister the existing printer and user inquiry to find the printer again.


Active Sync Settings

When syncing handhelds using active sync please ensure all the sync options as shown below are unticked