MASC for TAS Accounting

Tas LogoMASC is now linked to TAS –  sales invoices can be loaded into TAS using the quick journal import

To import transactions into TASBooks:

  1. From Company Manager, select the company you want to import transactions into then select Company à Import Transactions. The path to the company where the files will be imported is automatically displayed.
  2. From the drop-down list select the type of CSV file you are importing.
  3. To select the file you want to import select Browse, locate the  file and select it and then click Open. The path to the CSV file appears in the bottom box.
    tas import assistant screenshot
  4. To begin the import, click Next.
  5. If there are any problems found with the import file, the errors are displayed on-screen. You should correct the errors indicated and then retry the import. To retry the import, click Retry or to close the Import Assistant to try again at a later time, click Close.
  6. Enter a supervisor user code and password for this company, and click Next.
  7. The ready to import window appears. Its vital that you do not continue unless you have already taken a back-up of your data,If you have taken a back-up of your data, to begin importing transaction click Import. When the import is complete, the Transaction Import Assistance confirms the number of transactions successfully imported.If the import fails, you will be advised of the point at which the failure occurred. This may result in only some of the transactions being imported. In this situation, you may choose to restore the back-up you tool before beginning the import and completing the import again, or editing you import file, to ensure only the un-imported transactions are included


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