Twitter Quick Tips

Our good friend Angela Delaney @woodandslate  put together the following Twitter Quick Tips . We haven’t been using twitter much but with her gentle persuasion we have been convinced.

All credits to Angela please  –

Ange’s twitter quick tips for small business!

    Take pictures on your phone/ipad of everything! Before, during, after making or doing something– what your tools look like ,where you work, the weather that day, a nice plant where you’re working, etc etc…Take loads and when you want to connect, use one. Describe your job so people understand the work you put in!
    It really is ‘out of sight, out of mind’ in twitterland…try and put something on 1st thing in the morning and one later in the day at least. Many people choose to use apps that tweet for you. It’s all down to personal preference.  We don’t do that, as we like the interaction and immediacy that twitter offers. But you should also be careful not to spend hours every day on there, it’s really not an efficient use of your valuable time.
    Check out what the people who are following you are up to – and if anyone posts a tweet that has a cool picture, or a funny comment or is asking for something (like a ReTweet) help ‘em out and RETWEET. This is a quick way to show support for your followers – and means that they in turn will do the same for you – increasing your visibility to other groups of people! (Don’t do too many every day though – as it can get really annoying.
    Nothing makes me want to un-follow someone quicker than if they put the same old information on their tweets. One person literally puts the same quote on Every. Single. Day.  It’s really annoying. Try and keep it interesting (really, really hard this one – trial and error!)Ask people’s opinion/ask questions about stuff – it’s much more engaging.
  5. BE PROUD!
    Twitter is full of people raving about themselves and how clever they are/how brilliant their business is! So to keep up with them, you have to (try) and get into the same mindset and not be ashamed to brag a little bit about your amazing small business ! (If you don’t, who will?!) Be your own PR person.
    This took me ages to get my head around. Basically, attaching a hashtag means people searching for information relating to that topic in the ‘search’ bar will come across your tweet.Keywords for you to get started would be #handmade #wales #madeinbritain #ireland
    As well as your own hashtags, at various times of the day and on specialist days, groups of twitterers come together and write a good tweet about their work.Everyone then spends an hour checking out new like-minded people to follow and retweeting their tweets for them.  This is a good way of networking with other companies, customers, and business people. It’s also really good for getting you new followers to appreciate your work!You could literally spend all day every day doing these hours – some are better than others – but it is worth trying them and getting your business name out there, and your work appreciated.Here’s a few handy ones:Wed: 7.30-8.30       HANDMADE HOUR
    Don’t tweet anything during this time without #handmadehour in it! Share a picture of what you’ve made. Retweet other makers. You’ll get new follows, retweets and favourites of pics.  After it’s over, do a general tweet and say thank you. Everyone likes good manners!So, ‘Hey! Thanks v much to @tomcruise @georgeclooney @princewilliam for the retweets during #handmadehour – much appreciated! #wales #anglesey’  for example.8.30 – 9.30 BUY BRITISH BRANDSSame principle – but these are nation-wide companies all making stuff in Britain. Very helpful for raising your profile. You don’t have to do it every week religiously, just maybe comment, do a few interesting retweets and follow some key people who you can learn from.Sun: 5.30-7.00         SMALL BUSINESS SUNDAY

    *This is a great one if you’re looking for extra exposure, plus a bit of support.

    !Run by @theopaphitis from Dragon’s Den. Every week at this time, you should send ONE tweet – don’t retweet anyone else either, he doesn’t like it!

    ‘Hi @theopaphitis I bring tired furniture back to life, using #traditional cane and rush #restoration techniques #SBS for example.

    Each tweet must be to Theo

    It must contain #SBS

    You need to follow him

    You need to also follow @rymanstationary

    If you have a really cool pic include that (but you’ll need to cut back on the words as won’t all fit in) and try and get your website in too.  Difficult in a few characters – check out some of the previous winners for ideas.


THERE’S NO RIGHT WAY OR WRONG WAY. I am no expert. This is just what I do as part of our ‘social media strategy’, and it seems to be working! The best thing to do is get stuck in and don’t be afraid!