Using Vlookup in Excel files

excelisna1When using the Vlookup or HLookup functions in Excel you will sometimes have #N/A in the cell display as the value cannot be found.

The normal syntax a user would enter in B9 would be VLOOKUP(A9,$A$2:$C$4,2,FALSE) to lookup the value of A9 in the list A2:C4, because the item exists the function returns the value.

In cell B10 the part BD12 does not exist and you get the error #N/A, replace the cell formula with IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(A14,$A$2:$C$4,2,FALSE)),”None Found”,VLOOKUP(A14,$A$2:$C$4,2,FALSE)) as shown in B14.

In this case I have entered “Not Found” if the value does not exist and in C14  I entered 0.

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