Janam XM66 Decimal Fix

janam decimal fixThis fix is entended for the Janam XM66 units only. This is an optional Update

Download the Zip filewww.handheld.ie/dl/decimal.zip and extract the files into your program folder in your ftp location. These files will then be downloaded to you handheld on the next sync.

After the Sync open the File Explorer on the Mobile device, select the device and then select MASC folder. Click and hold the pen on the file “APP1_Period_KEYBD.reg” and select Copy, then move to the folder Application and click and hold the pen on a blank space and select paste the file will then be copied to this location. You can also repeat this for the file “DASH.reg”.

When finished open the battery door on the handheld and click the reset key – this will soft reset your handheld. In MASC when you need to enter a decimal select the “-“ key on the left of the Orange Key and to you a minus key click the “-“ key on the right of the Orange key.

If you have problems please contact support

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